Courses Piano by Andrea Padova

Courses Piano Regulation

The piano course “The Piano: learning, concert, competition recording, exam” held by M° Andrea Padova is open regardless of nationality and age.

M° Padova will held his session from 8th to 13th July 2019

Each student will have:
– A minimum of 4 lessons of 60 minutes, and the possibility for the students to perform in concerts organized by the San Marino International Music Summer Courses.
The selection of students who will play during the concerts is at the discretion of the teacher.

Participants and Auditors
The applicants may apply either as regular students (active participants) or as auditors (passive participants).

Registration fee
– Active Participants: € 525 including individual lessons and registration fee.
– Auditors: € 150 including participation in lessons and registration fee.

Enrollment procedure. Each student must:
– apply, using the online enrollment form
– indicate in the form the main course and the teacher he wants to study with
The secretary will send to the students the confirmation of the enrollment. Once received the confirmation, the students must pay the registration fee.
Only after receiving the payment of the registration fee the student is considered to be duly enrolled to the “Piano: learning, concert, competition, recording and exams”.
Deadline for the application: 29th June 2019

The course, the concerts and the practice rooms will be situated in different locations in the historic center of San Marino.

Attendance Certificate
The participants will receive a Participant Diploma.

Accommodation / Food
A wide network of hotels / B&B/ restaurants with special prices will be available to students and will be listed on the San Marino Artist’s website;

Observance of the regulation
The participants are personally responsible for any damage they may cause to public or private property, to persons or things, and for any injury or illness they may suffer during or outside the class or during the practice time.
The application to the course includes the acceptance of this regulation.
Any claim must refer to the text in Italian language.
Place of jurisdiction is the Republic of San Marino.