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New Film Music is a course held by M ° Franco Piersanti, thought of as a “handicraft workshop” where students try to develop and synchronize music with images with the support of an Ensemble of live musicians (composition and direction). New Film Music is open to composers (advanced students and/or professionals) interested in the composition of music for images and especially for Film music, with no age limit and nationality. Are admitted maximum 15 student (with exceptions), that will be selected by M° Piersanti according to the following modalities.

The course will take place from 23 to 28 September (arrival in San Marino on 22 and departure on 29 September).

– All students interested in the course will have to register strictly within and no later than 21 July 2019 (the date of enrollment is important because it will be taken into consideration during the choice of students);
– a link from which to download the videos object of study and work of the course “New Film Music” will be sent to all the enrolled in;
– by September 9th all the enrolled in must send to the secretariat of San Marino International Music Summer Courses ( the sheet music and the material for the ensemble (PDF) concerning the only videos object of the course with a video editing in the format mp4 or AVI or QuickTime;
– all the material sent by the enrolled in will be selected;
– by 14 September 2019 all the registered stidents will known the outcome of the selection (admitted to the course as a regular students, or Auditors). In case of parity, in order to comply with the number established, we will give the precedence to who is registered first and will be worth the date of enrollment to the Course;
– the New Film Music Course will take place as set out from 23 to 28 September. All the enrolled in can participate: Students selected, as regular Students; the others as auditors Students;
– the actual Students will have daily lessons with M° Piersanti and the possibility to try and verify with a live instrumental ensemble the direction of their music with the projection of the video. The Music of the regular Students can be performed during public concerts. The auditors can attend the lessons of the course New Film Music and ask M° Piersanti, if time permits, suggestions or advice on their elaborate.

By July 21 Each student must (using the Latin alphabet):
– Complete the online registration form* (link..)
– Attach a CV (max. 1,500 characters including spaces)
– Attach a high definition photo (min. 300 dpi and a max. 1Mb size);
– Attach receipt of registration fee of €175;
– After receiving these documents, the secretariat will be send the material for the course and only at this point the student is admitted to the selection to access the of M° Franco Piersanti.
– If the student is selected as active, he will have to pay the fee of the course of additional €320, no later than 20th September 2019.

– All lessons are open to the public;
– The public performances and concerts in the context of New FILM Music are considered as an integral part of the didactic process, no compensation is provided for students-performers.

Registration fee (for all enrolled in): 175€;
Course fee (only for regular student selected by M° Piersanti): 320 €;
Accomodation (8nights in B&B): a double room 155€; in a single room 195 €.
We can provide the accommodation with indicated price ONLY FOR FIRST 12 EARLY BIRDS. From 13th registration, we will suggest other possibilities of accommodation. Travel expenses and foods are in charge of the participant.

The registration fee for auditors is €175 for the entire period to attend all the courses (only for students not registered by 21th June);
The registration as auditor students can be made at the secretary of SMIMSC during the courses period;
The auditor students are not allowed to write in their CV to be or have been students of the Courses.

In addition to the agreements already included in the registration fee, a wide type of hotels / B&Bs / restaurants with special prices will be available to students: they will be listed on the New Music Project’s website;

The participants are personally responsible for any damage they may cause to public or private property, to persons or things, and for any injury or illness they may suffer during or outside the class or during
the practice time. The registration to the course includes the acceptance of this regulation.
Any claim must refer to the text in Italian. Place of jurisdiction is the Republic of San Marino.