NMP Regulations 2018

New Music Project | Republic of San Marino | 29 July / 8 August

New Music Project - San Marino International Music Summer Courses

New Music Project is open to every musician (singers, composers and instrumentalists) interested in today’s music. There is no distinction of nationality, no age limit.

From the 29th of July till the 8th of August 2018;
The arrival date in San Marino is 28/07/2018*
The departure date is 08/08/2018*
* if not otherwise agreed.

8 daily lessons;
Laboratories of chamber music and improvisation held by the faculty. The students’ participation in the final Concert is subject to the unquestionable judgment of the teachers of New Music Project, who will choose the works from those presented by the participants.
At the end of the Concert the faculty, meeting in committee, will reward the best performer and best composer.

Each student must:
Complete the online registration form*;
Choose the main Course and the teacher to study with;
Attach a detailed CV (1,500 characters including spaces);
Attach a high definition photo (min. 300 dpi and a max. 1Mb size);
Attach repertoire or a list of works to be studied during the Course.
After receiving confirmation, the student must pay the registration fee together with the course fee; only after having received the payment the student is considered to be duly registered;
There is the possibility to attend more than one course
* If you have problems with online registration form, please send the required material via mail to:

NMP Enrollment

The best singing interpreter will get a scholarship of €300.
The best instrumentalist interpreter will get a scholarship of €300.
The best composer will get a scholarship of €400.
To participate in the Internal Competition of composition it is essential to present a written project and/or a musical score
(possibly along with an audio-video support).
The public performances are considered an integral part of the course, so no type of compensation for students who will perform will be expected.

The total fee for the Course as a soloist or composer is €525 including the cost of registration.
For the first 30 students there is a special agreement with a B&B for a double room for a total of €750 (11 nights).
You can enroll as a group or ensemble:
– Duo €425 per person including the cost of registrtion (only first 30 members, double room in B&B, 11 nights, Total €650)
– Trio €350 per person including the cost of registration (only first 30 members, double room in B&B, 11 nights, Total €575)
– Quartet or bigger ensemble €300 per person including the cost of registration (only first 30 members, double room in B&B, 11 nights, Total €525)
The members of the groups will be provided with individual lessons too.

The registration fee for auditors is €175 for the entire period to attend all the courses; € 35 is the daily cost for a single course;
The registration as auditor students can be made at the secretary of SMIMSC during the courses period;
The auditor students are not allowed to write in their CV to be or have been students of the Courses.

In addition to the agreements already included in the registration fee, a wide type of hotels / B&Bs / restaurants with special prices will be available to students: they will be listed on the New Music Project’s website;

General Director
M° Augusto Ciavatta