Welcome Words

Welcome Words by the Teachers, Musicians, and authorities of the Republic of San Marino


M° Petru Munteanu

Es ist für mich eine große Freude im Rahmen des Meisterkurses in San Marino zu unterrichten.

Ich freue mich viele bekannte und geschätzte Kollegen zu treffen und mit ihnen zusammenzuarbeiten. Ebenso freue ich mich auf die Begegnungen mit neue jungen Talenten.

Ich bin sicher, dass der Meisterkurs im Ganzen ein großer Erfolg sein wird und gratuliere Dir für diese schöne Initiative.

M° Petru Munteanu


M° Oleksandr Semchuk
Artistic Director of SCA

“Idea of Academy”

Dear young Artists,

Since all of you are very welcome indeed, I think that instead of the usual “welcome words” from the artistic director, it would be much more useful if I put down a few lines of “WHY young and gifted musicians should come here to San Marino for the Strings Concert Academy, and WHY it is different from the other masterclasses around that have been growing lately like mushrooms in the forest”.

When I came to San Marino for the very first time, I was struck not only by the immense natural beauty of Mount Titano and the energy it emanated, but also by two other – only seemingly – opposite features: the very ancient history of this fabulous State, and the deep spirit of innovation that surrounded everywhere.”

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San Marino is located exactly in the center, it is the fulcrum, the point of perfect balance between two vectors, two arrows, seemingly opposed: one that extends into tradition’s past, which for a violinist, for a musician, and therefore for a student, represents a wealth of essential values; and a second arrow launched towards the future, towards the change and evolution that serve as the compass, the guiding star of any artistic or musical project. Our Academy therefore wishes to gather these two leading ideas: the value of musical tradition, technical expertise and artistic consolidation (musicians of the highest level will be attending the Academy) and the value of innovation that drives us to look into the future of teaching in an absolutely unique and original way in order to develop methods, style, and interaction (between students and teachers, and students and artists).

That said, the idea of ​​the “Strings Concert Academy” is to provide you with all the opportunities that one could wish for:

  • Lessons with The Greatest Titans of music;
  • 10 days of full immersion into fantastic music played by the Great Masters;
  • The most brilliant young musicians from all around the world, all together at the same time and in the same place;
  • 10 days of incredible concerts played by musical prodigies with a growing career;
  • A new way of teaching. I feel that it is very motivating that one can perform together with the most famous musicians, transforming the boring classical learning process into an interactive cultural exchange, with no need for a single word to be pronounced…
  • Sharing and learning. It is also amazing to share and discuss your musical, interpretative or technical ideas with talented friends and colleagues outside of class, enjoying the delicious cuisine of the local restaurants and transforming the ancient field of bloody battles for freedom into a place of free and elegant discussion of different points of view.
  • Practice. Thanks to our collaboration with the University of San Marino, we can offer our young perfectionists comfortable classes where they can stay all day long in order to create their individual sound, unique phrasing and perfect intonation.
  • Life-long friendships. The warm-hearted atmosphere of these 10 days will create opportunities to find new dear friends or interesting opponents. I know from my personal experience, that contacts based on a shared passion for art last for years! Share these contacts that will be useful for your work in the future.
  • Variety and freedom in choice. If one is tired after hours of intensive practice, and in need of relaxation or regenerating, one can easily find everything, from terraces with breathtaking views for meditation, to the steep up-and-down paths between the old palaces, each of which is waiting to tell you its’ story, full of emotion; from markets to great exhibitions, from cool and distant stars to the close sandy beach. In short, there is a variety and freedom of choice for everybody with regards to everything, except the quality, which will always be at the maximum.
  • Last but not least. Besides the truly unique and invaluable experience of cooperating with world renowned masters and the most talented young musicians, every participant together with a diploma will get a very few but very important lines in his artistic CV.

My dream is for the Academy to become some kind of Music Lab, a place in which the best musicians of different ages and experience can encounter one another; I wish for this antique mountain to have the modern peak of cultural creativity. Welcome to San Marino Strings Concert Academy!

M° Oleksandr Semchuk

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M° Franco Petracchi

Cari musicisti partecipanti ai corsi di  perfezionamento,

sarà un piacere trascorrere con voi un periodo di intenso lavoro nella Repubblica di San Marino. Questa tranquilla, splendida, storica città è certamente l’ideale per applicarsi serenamente  ed intensamente, trovando gli stimoli per perfezionare il proprio sapere.

Oltre il repertorio classico concertistico avremo il modo di ripassare, o studiare, la letteratura d’orchestra, una prassi poco in uso nei corsi di perfezionamento ma essenziale e  necessaria nella nostra professione.

Auguri  e a presto
M° Franco Petracchi


M° Nicholas Isherwood
Artistic Director of NMP

A new summer course for contemporary music is born!
Join world renowned experts from each group of instruments and make music in beautiful San Marino.

In addition to the usual lessons, there will be a focus on improvisation, music theater and composer-performers in daily afternoon classes taught by faculty.  Students will not only work with the expert in their chosen discipline, but will have the opportunity to study with ALL of our faculty.  Cash prize in performance and composition will give the winner a chance to perform a solo recital and write a piece for faculty to be presented in the 2017 New Music Project. Instead of sight read performances, student and faculty will present carefully prepared pieces in quality evenings.

The narrow aesthetic preferences defended by some will be replaced by an open minded perspective embracing all forward looking tendencies in new music.

M° Nicholas Isherwood


M° Orfeo Mandozzi

Sono molto felice di potere dare il benvenuto a tutti gli studenti italiani e internazionali in questo luogo magico e ispirante, dove lo sguardo musicale ed intellettuale sembra non avere confini.

M° Orfeo Mandozzi


M° Rudolf Koelman

“If you are a hard working violinist with serious targets an open mind and a good sense of humor I would love to see and hear you in this wonderful masterclass!!!”

M° Rudolf Koelman